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We're Speaking Your Love Language

Whether you’re a Kehlani gay or an Ariana gay (or neither but like, get with it), you’ve probably heard love languages discussed in pop culture, on social media, or in some cute girl’s Hinge profile. Cue either musical icon's song on the topic as we talk spreading love today!

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Not Julie & Julia

Welcome to the first edition of The Make-Believe Gayzette! Every couple of weeks we’ll be writing a short newsletter to you here.  We know that it’s important to most people to imagine how something will fit into their home and their life before they click “buy”. Our newsletter will suggest ways you can use the goods in The Make-Believe Box (and our future gift boxes!) to make positive changes in your daily routines, connect in new ways with your friends, and make your home feel more like a sanctuary than a home-office you can never leave.

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