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Welcome to the first edition of The Make-Believe Gayzette!

Every couple of weeks we’ll be writing a short newsletter to you here. We know many people are curious about supporting small businesses and want to connect with the creators and entrepreneurs who run them. We want to connect with you too! So we’ll be sharing behind-the-scenes info and stories about our experiences starting Make-Believe and what we’re learning about small business life from the incredible creators we’re partnering with.

We also know that it’s important to most people to imagine how something will fit into their home and their life before they click “buy”. Our newsletter posts will suggest ways you can use the goods in The Make-Believe Box (and our future gift boxes!) to make positive changes in your daily routines, connect in new ways with your friends, and make your home feel more like a sanctuary than a home-office you can never leave.

Lastly, to be transparent, creating a small business newsletter is important for SEO - search engine optimization. SEO is a way to allow new people to find Make-Believe Market when they search in Google for things like "LGBTQ-owned businesses," "how can I support small businesses?," and even "small business gift boxes." We hope that SEO will be one strategy for us to grow the Make-Believe community into a place that supports many, many small businesses and offers all of us a chance to genuinely connect.

Leave a comment and tell us what you’d be interested in talking about with us here!



A little something extraEvery time we post, we’ll also share Something We Think Is Gay from the last two weeks. Just to dive right in, I (Kirsten) was very into Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell back in like, 2012. When Ashley started dating Cara Delevinge, I felt deeply justified in the borderline obsession I cultivated over her friendship with Shay. They had nicknames, they had numerous livestreams, they had so many jokes about marrying each other and how their TV characters should end up together! In the last couple of weeks, Ashley posted a picture of her and Shay standing on some sort of mountainous cliff, and not only are they hugging, but Shay’s head is thrown back and Ashley’s face appears to be nestled comfortably on Shay’s chest, to put it lightly. In classic “Buttah Benzo” style, Ashley uses a cute nickname for Shay in the caption, and I’m thrown right back into 9 years ago when I thought they might get secretly married and give me the queer girl happy ending I really wanted them to have.

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