If It Makes You Happy

What makes you happy these days? We hope joining the Make-Believe community is on your list! We started this small business in our own pursuit of happiness, following our daydream of owning a quaint little bookstore. 

It’s true, Make-Believe isn’t a bookstore, it’s an online small business marketplace. Though we do sell books! When the pandemic started, we realized that we’d always need an online presence to make it as a small business. But the biggest part of our bookstore dream was being part of a community, a neighborhood, surrounded by other shop owners and creators. We didn’t want to wait to start chasing our dream, so why not start that community online? 

That was May 2020. In a little less than a year, we opened up shop. During that time, we began creating a list of all the small businesses we love to shop with, all of our friends who are makers of various kinds, and reaching out to new folks whose small businesses we’ve been admiring from afar. Connecting with these other big dreamers has been one of the best parts of starting Make-Believe!

The other best part - the one we’re still figuring out now - is connecting with all of you like-minded people who care about small businesses and want to be in community together, even when we can’t all be in the same place. We think one meaningful way to do that is to fill our lives with each other’s creations and support each other’s livelihoods. It’s been really affirming to find more and more of you who agree!

For the year ahead, we’re focused on continuing to find our people - that includes small business partners and customers. We’ll be expanding Make-Believe little by little into the one-stop-shop for small business-made home and daily life goods that we see in our dreams. Leave a comment and tell us about yourself!

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Something We Think Is Gay

Sometimes this section is something we know is gay and with the release of her docu-series on youtube, I want to celebrate Demi Lovato coming out as pansexual, saying she’s too gay to be with a man right now, and looking absolutely stunning living her life as she wants to, which includes getting a really gay haircut on cameraSomewhat relatedly, fellow queer star Kehlani stated in a live stream that they know they’re a lesbian! Remember when the two of them kissed and rolled around in a fake bed together on tour? I’m so grateful we get to watch queer pop stars be their beautiful talented gay selves.

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