Stop, Drop, Open Up Shop

This week we’re introducing a new side of Make-Believe Market: the beginnings of our small business marketplace! You’ll now find not only the full Make-Believe Box gift set, but also smaller bundles and individual items. The gift box and Farm Cup’s coffee are only available for 10 more days, so grab them while you can!

Blue ceramic tumbler sits on wooden cutting board, surrounded by a book, greeting cards and coffee beans

Why a small business marketplace? We want to offer you more options and introduce you to more small businesses! Shopping small isn’t always affordable, so having different price points available allows you to pick and choose what you want more easily.

And the main reason we chose to include the word “market” in our business name is because our dream is to someday have both physical and online shops that bring together many, many small businesses, where you can find everything you need for your home and daily routines. We’re combining a curated selection of home goods, designed to improve your personal wellbeing, with the mission to build community wellbeing through supporting one another’s dreams. 

As we grow, we’ll always have LGBT books and zines, handmade ceramics and other home goods like candles, organic coffee, loose leaf tea, and greeting cards - items you’ll use every day to feel good. In the next few weeks we’ll also be introducing even more goods from small businesses, artists and authors that we know you’ll love!

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In other gay news this week, Something (Else) We Think Is Gay: Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been reading a book I (Kirsten) found while sorting through Samantha Irby’s many book-stagrams: My Best Friend’s Exorcism. Usually I don’t read books by (perceived) cis-straight white men, and I’m still skeptical of this one a little bit, but I have to wonder if the author realized he was writing a story with strong homosexual undertones. The book is like reading a cheesy 80s teen horror flick, and it hinges on the intensely devoted friendship between two high school girls, Gretchen and Abby. If fantasies and fairytales always end with true love saving the day, I’m expecting this to be no different -- it’ll just happen to be between two girls who know each other better than anyone else, even Satan.

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