Brown paper bag of loose leaf mint tea lying flat on a wooden cutting board to the right of spilled mint tea leaves and a full glass mug of mint tea
Brown paper bag of loose leaf mint tea set on purple crinkle paper in a brown cardboard box
Esha and Smita, founders of Alaya Tea, are side by side in a pale green kitchen during the day. Esha stands with her arms crossed and Smita sits on the counter to her left; Smita's hand rests on Esha's shoulder.

Alaya Tea

Fresh Mint Tea Blend

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Enjoy the cool, soothing taste of this peppermint-forward mint tea blend. We're calling it “Fresh” Mint Tea because not only is this tea refreshing, the leaves are genuinely the freshest. The tea leaves are ordered seasonally in small batches directly from the women who grow and harvest them in Uttar Pradesh, India. 

certified organic and biodynamic | caffeine free | 30+ servings | source: regenerative farms in Uttar Pradesh, India | boil with 200 degree water and steep 5+ minutes 

Meet the Makers:

Esha Chhabra is a writer who covers the environment, business, and agriculture. She has contributed to The Guardian, New York Times, Economist, and Forbes. She has been awarded multiple grants from the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting as well as two reporting fellowships from the UN Foundation. For the past three years, she developed a book which looks at 30+ businesses around the world making a social and environmental impact with Patagonia.

Smita Satiani is an Indian-Pakistani American entrepreneur. For the last four years, she has also worked on climate technology projects at X, Alphabet's Moonshot Factory. Previously, she worked in the Obama Administration's Office of Science and Technology Policy, and at Ashoka, a global fund for social entrepreneurs. Her work has been featured at the MIT Media Lab, and in Forbes, TechCrunch & The Wall Street Journal. She is currently an instructor of climate policy at Carnegie Mellon.

Credit for Esha and Smita’s image to Justin Bettman.

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