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About Us

Make-Believe is about imagining a better way to support each other's dreams. 

The name Make-Believe is inspired by childhood, when our imaginations felt limitless. We’re bringing those good feelings into your home by connecting you to big dreamers: small businesses who create goods you and your friends will actually use! You connect to the makers every time you brew their coffee, read their book, or light their candle.

on the left, Kirsten as a toddler in a plastic yellow swing in yard, looking up at 5 year old Kelley on the right who is holding onto the swing and looking at Kirsten
headshots of Kirsten and Kelley facing the camera and smiling

Make-Believe is the daydream of sisters Kirsten and Kelley.

Kirsten (she/they) is the younger (but taller) sister and a loud lesbian. By day she works in startup customer experience, by night she watches TV with her internet friends. She lives in a desert-themed one bedroom and would always rather be shopping at a quiet farmers market or lounging in a hammock in Joshua Tree. 

Kelley (she/her) is the older sister, a part-time lawyer, and a full-time bisexual. She lives in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., where she and Kirsten grew up. When she isn’t devising a plan to set up a queer farming commune in the mountains, you can find her grumbling about endometriosis on Instagram. 

Headshots by Christina Casillo / @chrisrosecas