Three affirmation cards spread out on a pink shelf, next to the stack of other cards. They are surrounded by two white soy candles, a yellow flower, and a ceramic incense burner
The I AM Everything affirmation card deck set on purple crinkle paper inside a cardboard box
Tarisha standing with her knees bent on a white wooden swing, holding onto the swing’s white ropes. She is laughing and has her eyes closed. The swing is in a small room with turquoise walls covered in white clouds


I AM Everything™ Affirmation Card Deck

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There are so many great things about you. Sometimes you just need to be reminded of what they are! That’s what affirmation cards are for. Pull one card or a few each day to shift your mindset and feel inspired. 

30 cards made of premium card stock | made In USA | designed in Kansas City | 2.75” x 4.75" (meaning, they fit in the palm of your hand 🔮)


Meet the Maker:

Founder and CEO of I AM & CO, Tarisha Clark was born in 1986 in Kansas City, MO where she also grew up. Tarisha is the youngest child in a small family of four. Her father, Tyrone Clark is a Jazz musician by profession, and her mother, Alyce Clark, is a registered nurse.

“We had a pretty conventional upbringing my parents each at different times worked multiple jobs to successfully give my sister and me the middle-class lifestyle that they didn’t have. I was able to see very early that there were conventional and unconventional ways for me to have a thriving career. My parents didn’t have all of the answers but they showed me possibility and for me, that was more than enough to work with.

From an early age, Tarisha dealt with obsessive-compulsive thinking and severe anxiety that often confused her as she describes herself as a very outgoing and outspoken person."

I remember being in college where one of my many jobs was as a server and just having a panic attack on the floor of the bathroom. I don’t even remember what caused it. I often didn’t have an explanation. As I matured I became a big proponent of finding and maintaining my peace. So when people ask me how I come up with the products I create, it’s pretty simple. I create products that I need. I create products that represent tangible processes I’ve done for my own emotional work. I need to remind myself that I’m worthy. I need to reframe negative thoughts. I use my products.

One of Clark’s core beliefs is intentionally crafting a lifestyle that matches your preferences.

I’m like ‘Miss Boundaries.’ I don’t know, I’ve just always been someone who didn’t make space for things I didn’t like if I didn’t have to. I grew up managing major issues with authority. Not with my parents per se, but with things like our education system and work policies that didn’t make sense to me.”“When I look at my life and I don’t see a lot of compromises and I plan to keep it that way. I think it’s just about unapologetically allowing in only the people, situations, and things that are a good match to what makes you happy.

People might be surprised to discover that Clark doesn’t have plans to be the face of I AM & CO.

I find that enneagrams resonate with me. I’m a 5 w 4, and one of the reoccurring themes of my enneagram type is that I need a lot of time to myself to not only recharge but to live in my head. Perhaps that’s why I’m a very private person? I’m also a Cancer so my love affair with privacy could stem from that too if astrology resonates with you.

“I don’t prefer doing interviews. So, I typically decline interview requests and speaking engagements. You know what? I don’t want the focus to be on me, what I think, or my opinions. I want I AM & CO’s customers to care about what they think, how they feel, what they want, and to be ruthless in their pursuit of inner peace and satisfaction. To get to that place there’s a lot of inner work required. They have to care about how they feel and they have to want to do regular check-ins with themselves on every topic."

Regarding the future of I AM & CO, Tarisha says “the sky is the limit.”

“My goal is to continue cultivating a brand that doesn’t tell its customers who to be or to define their journeys for them. We want to provide them with tools that help them discover more about themselves along their way.”