Being In Your Body journal by Fariha Róisín open to inner pages that are ombre green and have white text. The righthand page reads "REFUSE TO MAKE YOURSELF SMALL."
Being in Your Body journal by Fariha Róisín is lying on a white backdrop, lit from the left. The spine of the book faces the camera and you can see the front cover. The book is purple with illustrations of nude bodies in pink and red.
Selfie of author Fariha Róisín outside in front of an old building at dusk. She is facing the right of the image and wearing a puffy wool rainbow-colored jacket.

Fariha Róisín & Monica Ramos

Being in Your Body: A Journal for Self-Love and Body Positivity

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Being in Your Body is part book, part guided journal, all body positivity! Author Fariha creates a space for women, femmes and non-binary folks to practice loving and celebrating our bodies in new and powerful ways.

paperback | published September 24, 2019 | 144 pages of inspiring passages, quotes, full-color illustrations, and journaling prompts

"In Being in Your Body, author Fariha Róisín prompts you to explore a new language for thinking about your physical self. Addressing concepts like "compare and despair" and the false connection between thinness and happiness, this journal walks you through the process of cultivating confidence in yourself, while advocating for a broader definition of beauty for all." 


Meet the Makers:

Fariha Róisín (she/her) (pictured left) is a multidisciplinary artist, born in Ontario, Canada. She was raised in Sydney, Australia, and is based in Brooklyn, New York. As a Muslim queer Bangladeshi, she is interested in the margins, in liminality, otherness and the mercurial nature of being. Her work has pioneered a refreshing and renewed conversation about wellness, contemporary Islam and queer identities and has been featured in The New York Times, Al Jazeera, The Guardian, and Vogue. She is the author of the poetry collection How To Cure A Ghost (2019), as well as the novel Like A Bird (2020). Her upcoming work is a book of non-fiction entitled, Who Is Wellness For? (out Spring 2022); her second book of poetry is entitled Survival Takes a Wild Imagination.

Monica Ramos is an illustrator, "born in Manila and living in New York." We recommend checking out Monica's Instagram account to learn more!