A white and yellow magazine lying flat on another magazine at an angle, both on a purple backdrop. The magazine reads COLLAGE KIT VOL. 1 in colorful letters. The cover also includes a collage of animals, food, mountains, and monuments.
A closeup of the back of the magazine, which reads: "WELCOME to the first issue of Collage Kit! Whether you're new to collage or are an X-Acto-wielding pro, we hope this magazine inspires you to slow down, unplug, and make something with your hands. Inside you'll find 120 pages of images to cut-and-paste into something totally new. Try making artwork for your home, a creative scrapbook, or a greeting card for a friend.
A closeup of pages in the collage kit. The lefthand page is bright green and the righthand page is a photo of orange flowers and green leaves growing over a brick wall. On top of the photo, white bubble letters read "Make the World Better".
Headshot of Lora, founder of Free Period Press, in front of a white wall featuring art prints from Lora's business. Lora is smiling and looking at the camera.

Free Period Press

Collage Kit Magazine

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The Collage Kit Magazine from Free Period Press will transport you back to art class in school, when we took breaks from studying to tap into our creative sides and use our imagination to make something beautiful, wild, or silly. You deserve to explore your creativity now, too!

The Kit features a wide variety of images from independent artists, including nature, travel, lettering, vintage, and landscapes. Take some downtime to design to your heart's content. One of our favorite ideas that we've done with friends is to mail each other cut-outs and create collages from them, then send the completed masterpieces to each other with a letter. 

120 pages (60 sheets) of glossy full-color images | one side of each sheet features artwork, the other side is a solid color or simple texture | 8.5 in. by 11 in. | includes example collages for inspiration

Meet the Maker:

As a recovering overachiever, Lora DiFranco founded Free Period Press to create products that reminded her to slow down, focus on the important things, and practice self-care. Lora is the business-brain of the operation and partners with designer-friends to create bright and playful products to stay centered in a hyper-connected world.