Silver Dwellness tea tin lying on its side on a wooden cutting board next to a full glass of tea and spilled loose leaf tea
Tall silver Dwellness loose leaf tea tin set on purple crinkle paper in a cardboard box
Ash’Leigh and April, founders of Dwell Tea, standing side by side, smiling and facing the camera, in front of a large kitchen island in a brightly lit kitchen

Dwell Tea Co

Dwellness Elderberry Tea

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Drink up the present moment with a sweet-and-sour loose leaf blend of organic herbs. Dwellness is a caffeine-free mood booster. Add an elegant stainless steel mesh infuser if you're new to loose leaf!

ingredients: organic elderberries, rosehips, hibiscus, and cinnamon | non-caffeinated | 15 servings | boil with 200 degree water and steep for 5-7 mins or until deep red | taste before sweetening (we recommend a little Olive Seed honey!)

optional: stainless steel mesh tea infuser and rest | approx. 4" x 3" 


Meet the Makers:

We're April (she/her) and Ash'leigh (she/her), co-founders of Dwell Tea Co. We created a modern, eco-friendly tea and lifestyle brand based in the Washington, DC area that merges our love of tea, community, and holistic living passions. We provide high-quality loose leaf tea blends and tea accessories. We affectionately call our customers our "CommuniTEA In A Cup" because we enjoy making meaningful connections through tea. Join us on our journey to change the way our community experiences tea.”

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