A ceramic planter is set on a purple backdrop. The planter is made of speckled light brown clay and painted on one side with droplets of white glaze and a smooth, dark green glaze on the other.
Close-up of the 6 inch ceramic planter's side, which is painted with droplets of white glaze on the light brown clay. To its right is an over-turned 4 inch planter, showing the drainage hole and Personal Best stamp on the bottom. Both are on a purple backdrop.
Whitney is viewed from the waist up. She is outside in front of trees, standing behind a table set with her ceramics. She is smiling to the left of the camera.

Personal Best Ceramics

Green Beady Planter

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Upgrade your decor with handmade, hand-painted new homes for your house plants. Give them room to grow and look gorgeous doing it!

natural clay | 4x4 in (measurements are approximate) | includes a drainage hole, so you won't over-water your plant babies

Enjoy an eclectic aesthetic? Mix and match a Green Beady Planter with a Blue Wave Planter.

Meet the Maker:

Using classic forms as a canvas, Personal Best Ceramics is a line of functional housewares highlighting eclectic, not-so-classic colors, texture and pattern. Baltimore-based artist Whitney Simpkins makes each piece by hand, with the hope that it will someday reach another hand.