A sky blue postcard with a white border is set on top of a red postcard at an angle. Both are on a white table. The blue postcard features an illustration of a white megaphone with the word HELLO! written on it in red.
Two postcards lying flat on a white table. The top postcard is bright red with a white border and reads in white and blue text, it reads "AND NOW, a message from YOUR CONSTITUENT". The bottom postcard is sky blue with a white border and features an illustration of a white megaphone with the word HELLO written on it in red.
Headshot of Lora, founder of Free Period Press, in front of a white wall featuring art prints from Lora's business. Lora is smiling and looking at the camera.

Free Period Press

Hello! Postcard

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Shout hello and send a clear message! Maybe to a friend or even to your elected officials. Our reps need to hear from us about the actions we want and expect them to take. Not only Congress, but state and local officials, too! We encourage you to use this eye-catching postcard to grab their attention and tell them what you think. 

one postcard | printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper | 4.25 in. x 6 in. | made in Cleveland, Ohio | created by Katie Daugherty, Lora DiFranco, and Trish DiFranco

Also thanks to Free Period Press, here are links to find your Congressional Representatives and Senators.

Meet the Maker:

As a recovering overachiever, Lora DiFranco founded Free Period Press to create products that reminded her to slow down, focus on the important things, and practice self-care. Lora is the business-brain of the operation and partners with designer-friends to create bright and playful products to stay centered in a hyper-connected world.