Stainless steel mesh tea infuser set on its rest on a wooden cutting board next to two full glasses of tea and spilled loose leaf herbal tea and mint tea
Mesh stainless steel loose leaf tea infuser set on purple crinkle paper in a cardboard box
Ash’Leigh and April, founders of Dwell Tea, standing side by side, smiling and facing the camera, in front of a large kitchen island in a brightly lit kitchen

Dwell Tea Co

Loose Leaf Tea Infuser

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 A tea infuser befitting the Queen of Genovia herself. #TheQueenIsComing

Directions: set the infuser in a mug or cup and place a scoop or two of loose leaf tea into the infuser. Pour in boiling water and allow to brew before removing the infuser and discarding (or reusing!) the tea leaves. Set the infuser on its rest after use to prevent dripping.

stainless steel mesh loose leaf tea infuser and rest | approx. 4" x 3" 


Meet the Makers:

We're April (she/her) and Ash'leigh (she/her), co-founders of Dwell Tea Co. We created a modern, eco-friendly tea and lifestyle brand based in the Washington, DC area that merges our love of tea, community, and holistic living passions. We provide high-quality loose leaf tea blends and tea accessories. We affectionately call our customers our "CommuniTEA In A Cup" because we enjoy making meaningful connections through tea. Join us on our journey to change the way our community experiences tea.”