Love Runs Deep greeting card set on its brown envelope on a wooden table next to a ceramic tumbler on a coaster, a few puzzle pieces and puzzle box, and a pencil. The card has waves of different shades of blue that look like mountains and ocean and written within the waves is “My Love for You Runs Deep.”
Three greeting cards set on purple crinkle paper in a cardboard box: You Match My Energy, Love Runs Deep, and Pride 365 cards are a mix of pinks and blues.
Headshot of SaVonne Anderson, founder of Aya Paper Co., outside on a bright day and smiling at the camera

Aya Paper Co

Love Runs Deep Greeting Card

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🎶 how deep is your love.mp3 🎶

one folded greeting card | blank inside | 4.5” x 6.25” | comes with a 100% recycled kraft envelope | printed digitally with 100% non toxic toner on 100% PCW Recycled, PCF Chlorine Free paper 

Meet the Maker:

SaVonne Anderson is a designer and creative entrepreneur with the keen ability to transform intentional design into viable community. Being the daughter of a full-time bootstrapped entrepreneur, SaVonne knew early on that she would have her own business one day. 

When SaVonne began conceptualizing plans for Aya at the end of 2018, the well-being of the earth was at the front of mind. As an advocate for environmental justice, she wanted to ensure that Aya Paper Co. didn’t perpetuate issues like climate change and pollution, which disproportionately impact communities of color. SaVonne has led sustainability workshops and uses her social media platforms to spread information about living sustainably.

In addition to creating print designs for Aya, SaVonne has 5 years of experience working with small businesses using a wide skill set including: branding, website design, photography, videography, and digital content creation. She also used these skills to give Aya Paper Co. a competitive edge when the company launched in July 2019.