Farm Cup’s coffee bag lays open on a grey and white striped tea towel, coffee beans are spilling out of the bag in the bottom left corner
Farm Cup's coffee bag set on top of purple crinkle paper in a brown cardboard box
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Farm Cup Coffee

Finca Argovia Coffee

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Warm your mornings with Farm Cup's sweet and bold dark roast. Tony and Emerson, the creators of Farm Cup, source these organic beans directly from farm owners, so you know exactly where your coffee comes from.

sourced directly from the tropical Finca Argovia coffee farm in Chiapas, Mexico | 12 oz | whole bean | dark roast | 100% organic Arabica | notes of dark chocolate, cherry, walnut

Emerson (he/him) and Tony (he/him), founders of Farm Cup Coffee, are “just two people who love coffee, travel, and each other." Emerson's background in business and finance has built a strong foundation for the brand. He's very passionate about forming relationships directly with the farm owners. Tony can’t function without coffee in the morning. Having experience in everything from culinary arts to brand management, Tony has given life to Farm Cup. Together, they hope to connect people to the source of their coffee and inspire them to explore these beautiful countries, while leaving a positive impact on the world.