Two jars of cinnamon infused honey rest on a white cotton tea towel with cinnamon sticks scattered around them.
8 ounce glass jar of raw honey set on purple crinkle paper
black and white headshot of Olive Seed founder, Latricia Wright, smiling towards the camera

Olive Seed

Cinnamon Wildflower Honey

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Spice up your honey with a hint of cinnamon. This honey is good for everything - it pairs perfectly with Dwellness tea, oatmeal, toast, or a biscuit to create cinnamon roll vibes.

8 oz of raw wildflower honey | glass jar | no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives | maintains natural enzymes, pollens, amino acids, propolis, vitamins, minerals, texture, flavor, and color


Meet the Maker:

Founded by Latricia Wright (she/her) in 2008, Olive Seed was formed around the goal of educating people about the transformational power of nutrition. 

Latricia’s interest in natural health began as a young teenager after the passing of her father from a brain aneurysm, and her grandmother from diabetes. Years later, Latricia began studying nutrition in an effort to save her husband’s life when he became plagued with symptoms similar to her father’s.

As she sought to improve the health of her husband and herself, she unlocked an understanding of the profound impact nutrition has on body chemistry, and the capacity for healing that can occur with the right knowledge and tools for lifestyle change. To date, Latricia is a registered herbalist, diabetes prevention educator, gardener, and author.

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