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Oldie But a Goodie Birthday Card
Oldie But a Goodie Birthday Card
Selfie of TheThirdArrow founders, Marliss and Kai, outside in front of trees, a wooden sign, and a stone ridge. Marliss is on the left and Kai is snuggled up to her on the right; both are wearing glasses and jackets and both are smiling happily.


Oldie But a Goodie Birthday Card

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For the record, getting older can be a good thing! Especially when your loved ones send you a birthday card to celebrate. 

one folded greeting card | A2 card on light cardstock with rounded edges | blank inside | kraft envelope included | packaged individually in plastic sleeve

Meet the Makers:

Marliss (she/her) and Kai (they/them) are spouses, creators, and weirdos. They make cards, stickers, pins, buttons, and patches. They love each other, puns, art, queer magic, and dismantling the patriarchy. They are really into making things for the queer community (but they also make some things for straight people, sometimes, on accident).