hand holding a blue glass bottle of room spray, finger on the nozzle, in front of a yellow couch
blue glass bottle of room and linen spray lying on a white cloth bag that says "Maven Made," both set on purple crinkle paper
Bethany standing in the Maven Made shop, facing the camera and smiling, resting her hand on a wooden shelf stocked with small business goods.

Maven Made

Room & Linen Spray

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Set yourself up for a great night's sleep with this heavenly tonka bean and lavender room spray. It also freshens linens and works as a calming pillow mist! A few spritzes on your sheets and you’ll be dreaming easy. 

Each bottle is mindfully-crafted (meaning Bethany didn't make this if she was stressed or in a funky mood) in fresh small batches for optimal results.

certified organic tonka bean and lavender essential oils | packaged in a 4 oz cobalt glass bottle with fine mist atomizer | shake to activate ingredients and spray on linens, pillows, clothing, or in the air (6 inches from spray nozzle recommended) | contains full Moon-charged reverse osmosis water and a grain alcohol base | all ingredients are 100% plant-based


Meet the Maker:

Bethany Frazier (she/her). "After a long struggle with acne, I developed my own oil-based formula (it's ultimately become Maven Made's best-selling product, the Facial Serum) which transformed my skin after a month of daily use. This is the moment Maven Made started to take shape and a purpose unfolded. Since then, I've been handcrafting plant-based skincare and wellness goods and aligning Maven Made to be a safe, judgment-free space, accessible to, and representative of everybody.

Based in Richmond, Virginia, I'm often working in the studio and waiting patiently to be silly with friends again (damn you covid) but these days my role is shifting as my wife and I are about to welcome our first baby into our world."

Credit for Bethany’s image to Erinn Schaal.