hand-poured luxury soy candle set on wooden bath shelf next to a smaller lit candle and Beyond the Gender Binary book
Sugar & Grace's white soy candle in a clear glass jar set on purple crinkle paper in a brown cardboard box
Erica standing in front of string lights and a wooden partition, smiling directly into the camera

Sugar & Grace Co

DIY Intention Candle

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Strike a match and think about your most burning desires. Whether you daydream about winning the lottery or kissing your crush, do it over the syrupy scents of Sugar & Grace’s DIY Intention Candle. Soy candles burn cleaner and longer than traditional paraffin candles, create less soot, and still have a strong “scent throw” that will fill your home. 

hand-poured soy candle | 16 oz | all natural, non-toxic ingredients | 55-60 hour burn time | eucalyptus, lavender and sage | we recommend using a Sharpie to prevent smudging when writing your intention


Meet the Maker:

Erica (she/her), the founder and owner of Sugar & Grace, hand pours every candle with non-toxic soy wax, a process she started to relieve her chronic migraines. Giving up candles wasn’t an option, so she took a class to learn how to make her very own non-toxic options.

While working as a nurse in a doctor’s office, she’d bring in her samples. The orders started rolling in right away. It took off right from the start. Erica quickly became the candle lady for all the local doctors’ offices.

Sugar & Grace Co™ was born right after the birth of her baby when she decided to quit her nursing career and launch her candle company full time.