A close-up of a vinyl sticker lying on a white faux wood table. The sticker is an illustration of a round terrarium that contains several green succulents in a layer of soil.
A close-up of four illustrated vinyl stickers arranged in a circle on a white table. Starting from the left corner and moving clockwise, the first sticker is a pale green mug of tea with a smiley face on it; the second sticker reads You are More than Enough in colorful, curly lettering; the third sticker is a round terrarium that contains several green succulents in a layer of soil; and the fourth sticker reads WE'RE ALL in this TOGETHER below an illustration of a diverse row of five people.
Headshot of Lora, founder of Free Period Press, in front of a white wall featuring art prints from Lora's business. Lora is smiling and looking at the camera.

Free Period Press

Succulent Terrarium Vinyl Sticker

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This succulent sticker is a playful decoration that feels like Spring and Summer - blooms, growth, whimsy. Add it to your laptop, water bottle, journal, or even a planter!
The options for self-expression are endless.
one vinyl decal sticker | approx. 2.5" by 3" | designed by Katie Daugherty and printed by Free Period Press in Cleveland, Ohio

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Meet the Maker:

As a recovering overachiever, Lora DiFranco founded Free Period Press to create products that reminded her to slow down, focus on the important things, and practice self-care. Lora is the business-brain of the operation and partners with designer-friends to create bright and playful products to stay centered in a hyper-connected world.