A purple corn-plastic drainage tray is set on a purple backdrop. Its top edges are wavy.
Two wavy light blue and pink, corn-plastic planters set side by side on a purple backdrop. The planter on the left is overturned to show the three drainage holes on the bottom and the planter on the right is on a purple wavy drainage tray.
Asher is outside on a sunny day, leaning her elbows on a large art piece. She is smiling and has her hands under her chin. There are trees and a bike trail behind her.

Object Lover

The Biggle Drainage Tray

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The best planters need cute drainage trays! Planters with holes in the bottom allow extra water to drain out, so you don't over-water your plants. And a tray - this tray! - catches the water. The Biggle's innovative design holds up to a cup of water and also leaves space for water to evaporate. 

designed to fit The Biggler Planter (pictured left; sold separately) | made of biodegradable, corn-based resin (PLA) on a 3D printer | 2 inches tall | 5-inch diameter 

Meet the Maker

Object Lover creates colorful home decor from recyclable plastic, always striking a balance between play, function, and affordability. Launched by Asher Ford (she/her) in 2021, Object Lover is a part of the Austin Workers Syndicate, a queer and trans 3D printing collective focused on learning and a living wage.