The white vision board magazine lies flat on a purple backdrop. The cover reads "THE VISION BOARD BOOK. 700+ words and images to visualize your goals and dream life". The cover also includes a collage of images, including surfboards, leaves, a puppy, a bowl of fruit, and the words "Be Here Now" and "SMITTEN".
A closeup of a page in the magazine, which shows a grid of photos, including spiky red flowers in a garden, a clear kettle pouring redish tea into a clear mug, the word "Vibrant" in red script, and a small wooden red house.
A closeup of a page in the magazine, which features a grid of photos, including the word "REST" in white script, protestors outside with a sign reading "Peace Justice LOVE", a big city viewed through a chain fence, and two arms reaching out of the ocean toward the sky.
A closeup of the back cover of the magazine, which reads "Get in touch with what "living your best life" means for you with this dreamy Vision Board Book from Free Period Press! In today's hyper-connected world, we're constantly bombarded with messages about how we should be living our life. But when was the last time you reflected and defined your personal goals and dreams for yourself - without the pressure of society's expectations?"
Headshot of Lora, founder of Free Period Press, in front of a white wall featuring art prints from Lora's business. Lora is smiling and looking at the camera.

Free Period Press

The Vision Board Book

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The Vision Board Book is all about cultivating your dreams and goals - things we lose sight of sometimes when dealing with the demands of our day-to-day. Using this curated collection of images and affirmations, you'll strike the right balance of being present (through the act of making your vision board) and imagining your dreams for the future. Reevaluate, feel inspired, and give yourself more to look forward to! 

120 pages (60 sheets) of glossy full-color images | one side of each sheet features artwork, the other side is a solid color or simple texture | 8.5 in. by 11 in. | includes vision-boarding tips to get you started

Meet the Maker:

As a recovering overachiever, Lora DiFranco founded Free Period Press to create products that reminded her to slow down, focus on the important things, and practice self-care. Lora is the business-brain of the operation and partners with designer-friends to create bright and playful products to stay centered in a hyper-connected world.